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  • Bitcoin Mining Farm Build & Operations Training Workshops
  • ASIC Miner Repair Certification Courses
  • Bitcoin Miner Brokerage (Buy & Sell New & Used Mining Gear)
  • Mining Farm Construction Consulting Services

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Scott’s History in the Bitcoin Mining Industry

halong mining scott offord

In 2017, I worked with Halong Mining to bring the DragonMint model of miners to market. Halong was the first mining manufacturer to release a 10nm ASIC SHA-256 miner to the public.

I was responsible for nurturing leads and helped the stakeholders at Halong Mining sell millions of dollars worth of miners. Eventually, my role also included customer support and near the end of my involvement with the company, I led up the warranty fulfillment efforts. Overall, you’ll find that customers still speak highly of Halong Mining to this day. 

After working with Halong Mining, I reinvented myself as a bitcoin mining equipment broker in 2018. I created the Crypto Mining Tools brand in 2019 and sold some of those assets to Distributed Ledger Inc in 2020. In 2021, my Scott’s Crypto Mining brand was born.

I have since gone on to create Scott’s Mining Conference as well as Build-a-Mine Bootcamp and the MasterMINED Club. At this time, I’m open to opportunities in the cryptocurrency mining industry. If you would like help building or managing a bitcoin mine or for bitcoin industry-related equipment sales, please contact me.

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